You'll find a few examples of work on this page, along with some details of my role in the project. If you would like to see any more, please simply get in touch.

marketing material - Ipswich Film Theatre

The Ipswich Film Theatre is a non-profit trust which has successfully reinvigorated the only independent film theatre for the town. I provide a design and artwork service, producing the monthly brochures, posters, ads and supporting marketing material.

brochure - Triple E

Triple E supply heavy duty scenery, curtain and sound control to the international theatre industry. Thier unique systems are used across the world by most of the big live venues, and they wanted this year's catalogue to be more of a brochure without losing the technical aspect of the products. I worked closely with another agency, who produced the copy, while I looked after the design, layout, photography and some illustration. I also managed the print production, which included producing the brochure with three different covers.

marketing and branding - Doves Clothing

Doves Clothing had got this far despite using virtually no marketing - traditional, or online. My role was to produce a plan, with new branding and implementation suggestions, for the company to act on as they could afford.

leaflet - AiMTrack

AiMTrack is a new product for exhibition and retail situations, and the company wanted a 'foot-in-the-water' leaflet to gauge interest in the market. The images were generated with 3D software and wrapped in graphics, produced by me, as was the copy, design and print production.

leaflet - Grandstand

Exhibition company Grandstand wanted a folder they could use as both a promotional tool and quotation folder. After reviewing the brand as well, I designed, copywrote and artworked this, and managed the print production.

website - Thompson Page

Specialty paper product suppliers Thompson Page wanted a simple website to give them a presence online and explain what fields they covered. I designed and artworked the site, and updated the brand, letterheads and business cards at the same time.

website - Snapz

Snapz crisps are healthy alternative snacks, and the company needed a European and US website to promote thier products. My involvement went from concept and project management through to design, photography, copywriting and artwork.

adverts - Healeys

I had a long term contract with Healeys to provide a design and marketing consultancy, during which time I instigated two online campaigns, local PR activity, a regular newsletter and a collection of print adverts. Skills used here include design, copywriting, artwork and prooject management.

promotional campaign - Suffolk County Council

While contracting with another agency, I helped to promote the county's Library Sunday opening campaign. This included copywriting, design, radio advertising and voice-over work.

If you think I could help your organisation with design communication and marketing, get in touch, or call me on 07939 229 212. I'd love to hear from you.